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    ​​This is one of the 49 voivodeships in Poland. It lies in the mid-southern part of Poland with 137 km long border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia to its south. On the area of 3,704 sq. km (1.2% of the entire Polish territory) 906,000 inhabitants live and work here.

    Podbeskidzie--as the region is usually called--is situated on historical trade and communication routes leading from the north to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and further on to the Mediterranean Coast. Distances between the main town of the region, B, and main urban centers in Poland and neighboring countries are relatively small--for example: Warsaw 360 km., Lodz 250 km., Katowice 55km., Krakow 90km., Prague 430 km., Vienna 350 km., Budapest 300 km., Lvov 425 km., Bratislava 320 km., Ostrava 65km. The nearest international airports are in Krakow-Balice, Katowice-Pyrzowice and Ostrava. There is also a sport aerodrome in Bielsko-Biala prepared to serve small planes and helicopters.​