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    Online Rental Registration Instructions

    Account Management

    1. ​Login to Citizen Access

    2. Once logged in, click on the "Registration" tab, then click on the "Account Management" link at the top of the page.

    ​3. In the account management portal, all of the Z-OWNER records (a.k.a., Property Owners), associated to the user's login are listed.

    To view the property owner's information, click on Actions > View.  If you no longer manage properties for the owner, click Actions > Remove.  (This will disassociate you from the owner and all of his/her rental properties.)

    ​4. If you wish to associate a NEW rental property owner and you know the owner's Z-OWNER number, you may click on the "Add a License/Registration" tab.

    NOTE: You MUST know the property owner’s Z-OWNER number in order to request your user account be linked.

    To request a Z-OWNER number, email Please include your name, Citizen Access user ID, and the full name of the owner you wish to link.

    5. Click on the Z-OWNER link you wish to relate to your online user.

    The City must confirm your request before the registration application can be filled out and submitted. Once completed, you will receive confirmation via email.

    ​6. After you've completed reviewing and updating the associated owner's list, click back to the "Registration" tab to complete the registration update by following instructions for Existing Users.