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    Rental Property Program Overview
    August 27, 2012 Powerpoint Presentation

    Rental and Vacant Property Registrations

    The City's Housing Code requires owners and/or property managers of all apartment buildings, hotels, rooming houses, and vacant or abandoned residential buildings to register them annually. Registration must also be updated upon any change in owner and/or property manager contact information, change of ownership, or change in occupancy status. Registration can be easily completed online, at no cost, by following instructions found here.  Multiple properties may be registered through a single registration process. Failure to register rental and vacant properties may result in significant enforcement fees.

    To ensure notices and other important property information is sent to the appropriate party, changes in ownership and/or property owner's personal mailing address must also be updated with the City Assessor's Office- Address Change Form (pdf).

    View the List of Registered Rental Properties (pdf)(2MB file)

    Certificate of Compliance

    The City will require Certificates of Compliance for all rental properties beginning July 1, 2012. This required rental certification is issued only after the City has completed a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection of the property and has found it to be in substantial compliance with the City's Property Maintenance Code. Fees associated with obtaining a Certificate of Compliance can be found in the Housing and Zoning Fee Schedule. It is important to note that failure to obtain a certification inspection may result in significant enforcement fees.

    View Properties with Current Certificates of Compliance (pdf)

    Certification Schedule

    The City has established an Implementation Schedule for certification of single-and two-family rental properties. The estimated implementation timeframe was established according to the number of rental parcels throughout City Neighborhoods


    A Notice of Rental Certification will be mailed and/or emailed to the property owner and/or manager 90 days prior to the rental property certification due date. The owner/manager will have 30 days to contact the Code Compliance office (616) 456-3053 to schedule an inspection. Failure to schedule an inspection will result in a Notice of Violation along with a fee.

    Certificate Inspection Process

    Certificate inspections could result in one of the following outcomes. However, it is important to note that these outcomes depend on multiple variables which are unique to each inspection.

        • No violations observed: A Certificate of Compliance will be issued
        • Minor violations observed: Verbal orders may be issued with a 14-day deadline
        • Major violations observed: A 60-120 day Notice of Violation is issued

    To help property owners prepare for a certificate inspection, a Basic Requirements Checklist (Requisitos Basicos para el Certificado de Cumplimiento) is available. This checklist is not comprehensive but is available to assist in addressing commonly cited violations. 

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