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    Recreational Fire Permit Application

    Required Online Process:

    1. Is your property eligible?  To apply for a Recreational Fire Permit, your property must
      1. Be at least 5,000 sq ft (0.115 acres) in area
      2. Have a location for a fire container that is at least 20 feet from any structure, combustible material, lot line, roadway, alleyway, or fence; AND at least 15 feet from any overhead line
      3. Not include more than 2 dwelling units
      4. If rental, have written permission from the landlord
    2. Plan the location of your fire container - plans must be digital/scanned for upload
      1. Site Plan example
    3. Create an online account (unless you already have one)
    4. Complete an online application - choose "PLANNING APPLICATIONS" category - electronic payment will be required
    5. We will communicate with you by email as we review your application
    6. We may need revised plans if information is missing or incorrect
    7. The neighbors described here will be notified of your application by letter
      1. If a neighbor objects in writing within 21 days of the notification, your application will be denied
      2. If no neighbor objects, your permit will be delivered by email