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     NEZ Testimonials

    "The NEZ gave our project another tool to make the project more feasible and marketable. Beyond that, it encouraged community partnerships that lasted through the whole development process and resulted in an impact beyond the immediate project."

    -Steve Faber, resident at Newberry Place (Belknap Lookout NEZ)

    “I had heard Grand Rapids had become a role model for other Michigan cities on how to properly use tax benefits to encourage development projects. Our experiences with Grand Rapids staff and City Commission have confirmed this reputation. We met with a balanced combination of both eager and cautious staff members and put together a plan for each development. We brought ideas, and the city enhanced those ideas. For example, at Union Square, we wanted to have an NEZ designation for the building and the city encouraged us to help them draw a boundary line that would also include the closest 350 homes in need of these benefits. So we could not only save a 225,000 square foot old school, but we could change an entire neighborhood. The NEZ helps with preserving Grand Rapids neighborhoods and further maintenance, preservation, improvement, and development of housing. We found the NEZ to be an important and effective economic development tool.”

    -Jonathan Rooks, developer Union Square Condominiums (Turner Gateway NEZ)

    "The NEZ designation provided our project with a great marketing tool. We are also looking forward to the benefits of a reduction in property taxes for the next 12 years. My hope is that other property owners within the NEZ area will take advantage of this valuable tool."

    -Phil Schaafsma, resident at Newberry Place (Belknap Lookout NEZ)