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    Identifying Zoning
    An online public mapping system is available for looking up the zoning or other aspects of a particular property.
    Click here to access the Public GIS Mapping System (opens in a new tab)
    You can also use this Overview Map (PDF) or Detailed Map Set (PDF) to identify the zone district of a specific property.
    Please feel free to call the Development Center at 616-456-4100 and ask to speak with a Planner to help identify zoning or if you have questions or concerns, or email us at
    Property Use Verifications

    The zoning may not reflect the legal use of a particular property. The property may have non-conforming rights for a particular use (“grandfathered”), or a variance or special land use may be in effect.

    The legal use of a particular property can be determined by ordering a Property Use Verification (PUV) 
    If you have never used Citizen Access you will first need to register for a free account. Please include a detailed description of what you are requesting in the Application Notes section.
    Also, if you are requesting a letter of some sort such as a Rebuild Letter, Zoning Compliance Letter, or Zoning Verification Letter, please upload a template document in the attachments section. Completing a PUV generally takes 1-2 weeks; however, there is an option for a 24 hour expedited order, which has a higher fee.
    We strongly encourage ordering a PUV prior to closing on the purchase of a property. As of July 1, 2016, the fee for a PUV (including associated letters) is $203, and the expedited 24-hour rate is $355.