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    Great Housing Strategies 
    In April 2015 Grand Rapids City Commissioners Ruth Kelly, Senita Lenear, and Elias Lumpkins, Jr. engaged more than 200 people representing nonprofit and for profit housing developers, lenders, neighborhoods, educational institutions, local philanthropies, and local and state government agencies in a community conversation about the future of Grand Rapids housing. The Great Housing Strategies process convened several workgroups to review best practices, tools, and strategies for future housing development in Grand Rapids.
    Bicycle Safety Education Campaign
    Grand Rapids has one of the highest rates of crashes involving bicycles in the state of Michigan. The fatal bicycle crash rate here is nearly three times greater than the state average. To combat this problem, The City of Grand Rapids and Michigan Department of Transportation are funding a $600,000 campaign, seeking to address the arguably elementary principle of sharing—albeit in the patently adult context of driving. The campaign— “Driving Change”— was rolled out in May 2016 with advertisements, educational videos, and radio spots to alert motorists and cyclists alike to the rules and etiquette of sharing the road—with or without bike lanes.  
    The City’s Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance promote quality design, high-intensity mixed-use development, efficient land use, greening of the cityscape, and alternatives to automobile dependence. These principles help reduce urban sprawl, support the integrity of the natural environment, and encourage sustainable economic development in an era of declining energy resources. Citizens have advocated for a bicycle-friendly city with alternatives to automobile travel, where Complete Streets are built with all users in mind, regardless of the mode of transportation or age or ability.