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    Notification of an Invitation to Bid will be issued for each construction project when the associated construction bid documents and drawings are available.  The dates listed in the invitation will govern the project schedule.  All interested parties should call the City Engineer's Office at (616) 456-3060 to confirm the availability of bid documents and drawings.  Complete project bid packages may be picked up in the City Engineer's Office, located in City Hall - 5th floor, 300 Monroe Avenue NW.

    Bidders and subcontractors must comply with all applicable requirements in connection with the City's Prequalification Policy and Equal Opportunity Department policies in connection with the City's Workforce Diversity Program.

    Prequalification (City Engineer's Office)

    Workforce Diversity Program and MLBE Certification - Equal Opportunity Department

    The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) office is located in City Hall - 8th floor, 300 Monroe Avenue NW.  This office will provide information and assistance with preparation of necessary paperwork for Micro-Local Business Enterprise (MLBE) status and Workforce Diversity.

    For additional information or questions, contact: 
    Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (616) 456-3027.