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    The City of Grand Rapids CAD Standards

    The new 2016 CAD Standards guide is now available for viewing and downloading (PDF format) by clicking on the link below. Other CAD Standard items including standard blocks, templates, line type file, etc., are also available for downloading.  In addition, a few related items are available including the current City of Grand Rapids Request for Proposals for Surveying, Drafting and Construction Staking Services. Other related items include drawing checklists for Private Development projects, a soil boring drawing configuration guide and a survey package submittal checklist.  The items listed will continue to be updated, as necessary.

    The City of Grand Rapids Engineering Department is requiring that all new survey, design and private development project drawings be submitted in accordance with the 2016 version of the CAD Standards. New project drawings submitted that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted and will be returned to the consultant for correction.

    Civil 3D Styles 

    The Engineering Department has developed many Civil 3D styles that can be used to configure drawings to meet the current City CAD Standards.  These styles are continually being refined as staff works through various projects that reveal minor issues that then require style modifications.  The styles are available for use by design consultants that are working in the current version of Civil 3D only.  Styles created in the current version of Autodesk Civil 3D cannot be exported to be used by a previous version of the software.  If you are interested in getting our latest version of the styles and you are a consultant under contract with the City of Grand Rapids, you may contact Jack Stegehuis in the Engineer's Office at or at (616) 456-3715.

    Text Box Lisp Routine

    A Lisp routine which places a text box with preset margins is available for download. This will simplify placement of the box around proposed notes and assure that boxed notes will be consistent from consultants and City staff.

    Check-print Submittals

    The initial submittal of a drawing set is considered the "Check-print" version. The drawings sheet size, title block, border, symbology (blocks), line types, text and standard notes must be in accordance with the current Grand Rapids CAD Standards. The drawings are to be provided in hard-copy (4 copies) and in electronic format (PDF or TIFF). PDF versions should be produced using the Export function under the Output tab in Civil 3D. When specifications are submitted, two hard-copies are required and an electronic version (Word doc file, PDF, etc.) is to be included.  The electronic drawing files submitted must meet the following requirements:

    • PDF format (single file)
    • Sheet size of 22"x34"
    • Printed/plotted copy must scale at 100%
    • Images must be created using black and white, no color or grayscale
    • Images should not be rotated
    • When source files are required, they should be in AutoCAD 2013 (or newer) file format

    To create tif files from AutoCAD dwg files, our staff has utilized a third-party cost-free application that performs this function. You may contact our office for a recommendation or research a solution that will work for you.

    The check-prints are distributed to various City departments, as applicable, for review and approval. All red-lined drawings are collected by City staff and returned to the consultant for revisions as noted.



              ​AutoCAD Templates (Civil 3D Styles Template not included):

    Note that the AutoCAD files provided above are in 2013 format.  If you are currently using a previous version of AutoCAD and need files in a format other than 2013, you may contact Jack Stegehuis in the Engineer's Office at or (616) 456-3715.  You may also contact Jack for additional information or any other questions.



    CAD Standards Comic ​​​​