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    Environmental Tip 7

    Maintain the Drain

    Without a doubt you can help out.

    A stormwater catch basin is usually located near the curb at the low point of the street. Catch basins are designed to capture pollutants before they enter the storm water system. When properly cleaned they can be quite effective at performing that task. However, once they are clogged with dirt and debris, it loses most of its ability to capture contaminates and fails to divert the stormwater properly.

    The largest source of water pollution today is contaminated storm runoff from paved areas. In Grand Rapids it takes rain ONLY 15 to 30 minute from your driveway to reach the Grand River then on to Lake Michigan.

    What can YOU do to help?

    Adopt a Catch Basin and earn grcity points at

    1. Do not rake or blow leaves or grass clipping from your yard into the street.

    2. Dispose of all waste (including pet waste) in trash receptacles instead of sweeping it into the gutters or catch basins.

    3. Place motor oil, paint, and antifreeze in separate sturdy containers and recycle them at a local disposal facility.


    View the video and start earning additional grcity points. Get involved it is YOUR neighborhood. For additional information visit our website or call 456-3246.