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    ​GVRBA has released its Request For Proposals (RFP) for Landfill Use. This document can be found HERE

    The draft contract (Attachment C) can be found HERE



    Folder: MAY 29 2014 RFI
    160080.5700 GVRBA Seg 1 w HVAC
    160080.5700 GVRBA Seg 1 w HVAC Mod Record Drawing FINAL.pdf
    160080.5700 GVRBA Seg 4 w HVAC
    4 BV
    5 Arch Struct
    COW Fee, Surcharge Schedules 2013.pdf
    COW San Sewer Code of Ord.pdf
    CWP Chem Scrbr Air Permit 2013.pdf
    CWP Chem Scrbr PTI Application for BS Holding Tanks.pdf
    CWP NPDES Permit  6-1-11 to 4-4-15.pdf
    Freeman Prop Map.pdf
    GR Elec - Jan 2012 to Dec 2013.pdf
    GR Gas Jan12-Sept12.pdf
    GR Gas Mar13-Aug 13.pdf
    GR Gas Sept12-Mar13.pdf
    GR Gas Sept13-Jan 14.pdf
    GR San Sewer Code of Ord.pdf
    GR WWTP NPDES Permit.pdf
    GRWWTP Solids and Analytical Data 2011-13.xlsx
    GVRBA Biosolids Facilities O and M Manual_FINAL September 2012.pdf
    GVRBA COC Original and Reissuance.pdf
    GVRBA Data.xlsx
    GVRBA Dewatering Data.xlsx
    GVRBA GeoTech Sampling Rpt.pdf
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