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    ​GVRBA has released its Request For Proposals (RFP) for Landfill Use. This document can be found HERE

    The draft contract (Attachment C) can be found HERE



    2010 Synagro Contract w Extension.pdf
    Coopersville Landfill Contract.pdf
    Cordes Contract.pdf
    CWP - Pump Curve Ca-1 TWAS.pdf
    CWP - Pump Curve Ca-2 TWAS.pdf
    CWP - Pump Curve La and Ma pumps PS.pdf
    CWP - Pump Curve Oa-1 BS Trans to GR.pdf
    CWP - Pump Curve Pa-8 WAS.pdf
    GR Primary Pump Curve to GVRBA PS.pdf
    GR WAS to Primary Pump Curves.pdf
    GR WWTP - 016-11311-1-0 Lobeline Pump Data.pdf
    paid invoices Jan-Dec 2013.xlsx
    Pierson Landfill Contract.pdf
    Zeeland Landfill Contract.pdf