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    Stormwater Ordinance
    The City of Grand Rapids is regulated under a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit to discharge stormwater through a stormwater drainage system to the waters of the State.  In order to meet permit requirements and protect the waters of the State, the City adopted an ordinance regulating stormwater discharge in the City.
    Ordinance Title II – Utilities and Services, Chapter 32 – City Stormwater Drainage System, Article 2. Stormwater System Use
    Land Use Development Services (LUDS) Permits
    When do I need a permit?
    Sec. 2.213 (3)(a) - Private Property Drainage
    The property owner of any proposed development or redevelopment of commercial, industrial or multi-family residential property in the City that involves the drainage of surface runoff from impervious areas such as roofs, pavements, parking areas, and walks with a total surface area of one thousand (1,000) square feet or more shall apply for and obtain a stormwater discharge permit prior to the start of any construction, earth change, or other work on the project site.
    What can I discharge to the City Stormwater Drainage System (CSDS)?
    With the exception of stormwater, most discharges to the CSDS are prohibited, as indicated below.
    No person shall discharge or in any way contribute to or cause to be introduced, directly or indirectly, into the CSDS any substance or pollutant other than stormwater or an exempted discharge. Any person discharging stormwater into the CSDS shall effectively prohibit pollutants from being discharged with the stormwater to the Maximum Extent Practicable.