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    •  What can be done to stop speeding on my street?

    Funding for traffic calming is currently not available. If residents of the block would like to pay for the installation of traffic calming, which includes speed humps, speed tables, bulb-outs, traffic circles, etc., the program is still an option. The cost of a speed hump is estimated to be around $1,000 each including the necessary signs and pavement markings. For more information about traffic calming, contact Traffic Engineering at 456-3066.


    • How do I get a handicap parking space in front of my house?

    In order to obtain a handicap parking space in front of your residence:

    a. You cannot have a driveway

    b. You will need a statement from your doctor describing why you are not ambulatory

    c. You will need your State of Michigan handicapped parking identification number

    Contact Traffic Engineering at 456-3066 for an application or more information


    • I need to put a dumpster in front of my house, what kind of permit do I need? 

    A Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP). The TOP process approves the use of the City's public right of way for the placement of a large capacity dumpster for a short duration of time. A standard TOP permit for a residential dumpster is typically issued for one month. There is a permit fee of $75.00 that is invoiced once the application is approved. A copy of the application and further TOP information is available at the City's website,, departments, enterprise services, lighting, signals, signs. Completed applications can be emailed to, faxed to 616.456.3665, or delivered to the Development Center, 1120 Monroe N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49503.


    • We need "Children Playing" signs on our street, how can we get them?

    The City of Grand Rapids does not install Children Playing signs. Speed limits on all residential streets are 25 mph unless posted otherwise. Our Traffic Technicians may be able to help with other options. Contact Traffic Engineering at 456-3066.


    • How can I get a new street light put on my street?

    Currently there are two City Commission Policies that cover most street lighting request situations: Policy #1000-10 Guidelines for Handling Request for Street Lights in Established Residential Neighborhoods and Policy #1000-14 Special Assessments for Various Public Improvements.


    • What can be done about overgrown trees or bushes blocking visibility at my corner?

    There is a corner clearance ordinance and if overgrown trees or bushes are blocking your sight at an intersection, contact us at 456-3066.


    • Trucks are driving down my street which is not a truck route, how can this be stopped?

    Trucks must follow City truck routes to get as close to their destination as possible. Violators will be reminded of the truck routes and given a warning letter. To report truck route violations, call Traffic Engineering at 456-3066.


    • How does my business get a loading zone?

    Loading zone applications can be obtained by contacting us at 456-3066.


    • Where can I get traffic count information for a certain street for intersection?

    The City of Grand Rapids conducts traffic counts yearly and provides this information to the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC). The GVMC gathers traffic counts in Kent County from various agencies and consultants and publishes it on their website,


    • How long is the construction in my neighborhood going to last?

    Road closure information is published on the City's website,