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    What is the Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) service?

    The Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) is a FREE bus service that provides Downtown workers and visitors with a convenient way to travel throughout the Downtown Grand Rapids area.  A map of the current routes can be seen below:

    Parking Facilities Map 2.0 (3)-1.jpg

    How much does it cost to ride the DASH Bus?

    It is FREE to ride the DASH Bus!

    What are the service hours of the DASH Bus?

    Each DASH Bus operates from 6:30 am - 10:00 pm during the week (Monday through Friday), and is scheduled to travel between pick-up locations within 7 to 8-minutes.

    My DASH Bus should be here, but it’s not. Where is it?

    The status of DASH Buses and updated route information can be found by visiting RapidConnect.
    DASH West is Route 20
    Dash North is Route 22
    Silver Line is Ro​ute 90​

    Please note, the Silver Line route is only FREE and part of the DASH route if you are riding the bus north of Wealthy Street.

    What is the cost of a monthly parking card in a DASH lot and how do I obtain a card?

    The monthly parking rates for the DASH lots are as follows:

    DA​SH West Route:
    Area 7 ($48/mo.)
    Ar​​ea 8 ($48/mo.)
    Are​​a 9 ($48/mo.)
    DASH North Route:
    Ionia Mason ($48/mo.)
    North Monroe ($58/mo.)
    Ionia North ($58/mo.)

    Questions or Comments?

    If you have any questions about DASH service, need more information, or want help with a parking problem, please call us at (616) 456-3751 or (616) 456-3290

    Silver Line or Rapid Bus Passes

    31-Day Pass ($47)
    7-Day Pass ($16) (Best value w/ Unlimited & Consecutive Rides)

    To get a monthly parking card, please contact Mobile GR & Parking Services Department at (616) 456-3290.
    For a Rapid or Silver Line Bus Pass, please go to