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    Parking Services is staffed 24 x 7 and available by phone at 311 or (616) 456-3751 or (616) 456-3290


    What are my options other than driving to Grand Rapids?


    Grand Rapids has 72.5 miles of on street bike lanes.  There are a number of bus options, including the Silver Line and other bus routes. 
    Further information is available at Silver Line Route Map.pdf or


    Where do buses park?


    Buses are encouraged to park on Scribner between Pearl and Bridge or on Mt. Vernon between Douglas and Lake Michigan Drive.





    Limited bus parking can be available to the VanAndel Arena.  Parking Services does not own or operate these bus parking areas.  For contact information, please call Aaron Terpstra, Operations Manager (616) 456-3289.




    Where do I park for a Van Andel Arena event?


    For evening and weekend events, surface parking lots south of Fulton by the VanAndel Arena are a popular choice. Ramp parking at Cherry Commerce, Weston Commerce, Commerce between Weston and Fulton (Gallery), Ottawa Fulton, Ionia between Louis and Monroe Center (Monroe Center), Monroe north of Campau (Louis Campau), and Pearl Ionia.






    For day VanAndel Arena events, monthly parking customers populate many of the surface lots, limiting availability. Currently, parking ramps mentioned above have some capacity. Parking Services does staff traffic personnel during these events. Our friendly personnel will direct you to the closest available parking.




    Where do I park for a DeVos Place event?


    For all events, parking is available under DeVos Place with entrances on Lyon and Michigan. Additional ramp parking is available across Monroe at the Government Center ramp. Louis Campau and Pearl Ionia parking ramps are also available. After 5 pm and on weekends, free parking is a short walk away at our North Ionia, North Monroe, and Scribner parking lots.


    Where is my DASH bus?


    DASH buses run loops during the day. They do not have a set schedule of which time they are at certain locations (like The Rapid line haul buses). Please contact 311 or 616-456-3290 or check our web site for the schedule.


    I can see spaces, how come you won’t let me park if I don’t have a parking card?




    Parking Services has an obligation to provide parking spaces to our monthly parking customers. These customers are downtown employees, college students, and residents whose monthly fees are associated with their access. Parking spaces will be held out of daily, hourly, or event parking to accommodate these customers. If an access only parking card sign is out, check with traffic personnel for the next available parking location.




    When are meters enforced?




    Starting on September 1, 2012, parking meters over and between the Grand River and Division and Michigan and Oakes will be enforced until 6 pm.  Please note, there are meters that are no parking during certain hours at the request of the City’s Traffic Safety Department.  Meters are not enforced on City of Grand Rapids observed holidays.  These holidays are:  New Years' Day, Martin Luther King Jr Birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.




    What hours are personnel available?




    Our phone is staffed 24 x 7 and is accessible at 311, 616-456-3290, or 616-456-3751 and our Security staff is available to assist as well.




    What services does security provide?




    Security patrols our lots and stair towers, assist ramp and lot customer who locked their keys in their cars, have dead batteries, need a ride after DASH bus service hours, and complete reports for any incidents that occur within our ramps or lots




    How do I sign up for a monthly parking pass for City ramps or lots?




    Our offices are located at 50 Ottawa Ave NW. We are on the corner of Ottawa & Louis on the ground level of the Ottawa-Fulton Parking Ramp. Our office doors are off of Ottawa Ave NW.​ We are open from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Our office number is 456-3290. Please bring a completed agreement with you FACILITIES PARKING AGREEMENT.pdf and if you wish to be set up for automatic payments, bring the following form as well Credit Card Authorization.pdf.




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