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    Bike Share Study
    Dock-Based and Dockless Systems
    Cities throughout the world have implemented bike share systems. Some have chosen to use different types of systems. Docked-based systems are the original type, and most cities operate with this model. Dockless systems have entered the market in recent years with advances in technology. 

    Dock-Based Systems
    Dock-based bike share systems use groups of docking ports. People refer to these as a bike share station. Bike share stations hold, lock, and release bike share bicycles when you check a bike out. Stations include a kiosk where you can check out bicycles.  

    Two Options to Check Out Bicycles
    There are two ways you can check out a bike at a dock-based station. You can check them out at the central kiosk for the station. Or if you are a system pass holder, you can check a bike out from any docking port. You will find these types of systems in many cities like Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, and New York.​

    The Bikes
    Solid • Safe • Easy to use • Visible • Durable
    bike share bike 2.JPG
    Dock-Based Stations
    Helpful • Automated • Easy to use • Visible • Durable
    Bike Share Station.JPG
    Mobile App
    Bike Share Systems often offer mobile apps to find bikes or stations

    Station Kiosks
    Many bike share systems use kiosks where bikes can be checked out.
    kiosk 2.JPG 

    Dockless Bike Share Systems
    Dockless bike share options are now emerging with “smart” bikes. 

    These systems take the check-out technology in bike share stations and put it on each bicycle. 

    Use Mobile App or On-Bike Check Outs
    Instead of a a docking station, you use a Smart Phone app to locate, unlock and use them. Many of the new dockless bike share systems are pay-as-you-go only​.

    Structured Dockless 
    Some dockless bike share bicycles lock to a bicycle racks without the kiosk. These racks are either public racks, or special racks for dockless bicycles only. These smart bikes are sometimes arranged in a group of the bike racks to create a bike share station. 

    SocialBikes Dockless Station.jpg

    You can also use these bicycles and lock them to a public bike rack if you want. You will find these systems in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Portland (OR) and Tampa.​

    dockless bike.JPG 

    Truly Dockless 
    Seattle and Washington, DC are currently testing Truly dockless systems. These bike share bicycles actually lock to themselves. Instead of locking to a rack or at a station, you use the app to lock the bike. Usually these locks snap around the wheel making the bike immobile. Think of wheel locks you've seen in movies on parked cars.  


    These types of locks allow the bicycles to be parked anywhere that meets the rules of bike share company. Here are examples of the rules" 
    dockless parking.JPG 
    Park bike at public bike rack.

    dockless parking 2.JPG 
     Park on wide sidewalks, but leave 6+ pedestrians

    dockless parking 33.JPG 
     DO NOT park on sidewalk near corners

    dockless parking 44.JPG 
     Do Not park at loading zones, driveways, or curb ramps