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    The City of Grand Rapids makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all web pages on our site and all of our applications are usable in all browser types, with various settings.
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    Recommended Browsers
    If you encounter problems displaying the form below or receive an error we recommend you use a browser that supports web standards.
    The City of Grand Rapids website has been tested with the following browsers
    which support numerous web standards including CSS, and XHTML:

    Apple Safari 4.04 or higher
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    If you have any questions about a Special Event Parking, please contact Aaron Terpstra below.

    Information you need to know:

    Parking rates and maps

    Special events are invoiced at the normal parking rate.  Spaces are not guaranteed.  You may park in any city owned facility, as spaces are available.  Please provide us with at least 21 days notice. 

    City of Grand Rapids Parking Services

    Contact Persons: Aaron Terpstra

    Phone: 616-456-3289 Fax: 616-456-4322

    Office Location: 50 Ottawa NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Office Hours: 7:30 am – 5 pm Monday-Friday
    Mailing Address: PO Box 1968, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501-1968