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    The purpose of the ICB Assistance Program is to provide funds for retail customers requiring assistance in paying their water and sewer bills. As part of the Third Amendment to the Water and Sanitary Sewer Service Agreement with Customer Communities, each year up to 12.5% of the penalty fees paid by retail water and sewer customers during the prior year will be set aside to support this program.

    The City of Grand Rapids has entered into a contract with the Area Community Service Employment Training Council (ACSET) to administer these funds with. Some of the eligibility guidelines are as follows:

    Eligibility Requirements:
    • Applicant must be a Grand Rapids Water System/Sewer System customer.
    • Must be at or below 200% of current federal poverty limit - income calculated on 30 days forward including the date of application.
    • Applicant must provide a copy of the City of Grand Rapids Water and Sewer utility bill in their name.
    • Applicant must be property owner and the principle resident of the property, or the legal tenant of the property with water sewer payment responsibility (bill in their name).
    • Applicant must be in shut-off status and/or service must be off.
    Eligible Activities:
    • City of Grand Rapids Water/Sewer Bill Payments
    • Cannot pay reconnect fees or deposits

    Please click here for further information regarding payment assistance.