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    Of the approximately 32,000 fire departments in the nation, only 128 have achieved Accreditation status and are fully accredited as of March 2009. The Grand Rapids Fire Department has been actively involved in the process since 2005 and has ramped up the effort by diligently working on the process with over 60 personnel. It takes an average of 3-5 years to complete, but the benefits to the department and the community is immense, placing the GRFD among the many of the elite fire departments in the country.


    Benefits of accreditation and self-assessment include:

    Promoting excellence within the Grand Rapids Fire Department.
    Improve our ability to recognize and better understand potential risks and hazards.
     Improve the quality of life in our community.
    Encouraging quality improvement through a continuous self-assessment process.
    Providing a detailed evaluation of the GRFD, detailing the services it provides to the community.
    Identifying areas of strength and weakness within the GRFD.
    Creating methods or systems for addressing deficiencies while building organizational success.
    Encouraging professional growth in addition to its personnel involved in the self assessment process.
    Providing a forum for the communication of organizational priorities.
    Fostering national recognition for the GRFD by colleagues and the public.


    One of the greatest benefits of this internal process is the Neighborhood Association Advocate Program which has assigned a Grand Rapids Firefighter to each of the city’s 33 neighborhoods. We regularly attend the meetings to provide valuable information and assistance to the citizens. We truly value the input of our community and through Accreditation are aligning ourselves more closely with a community driven fire department.

    The Accreditation process has also focused our attention on the statistical and geospatial analysis of our responses. By breaking down the city into fire demand zones and analyzing calls based on type, time of day, call density, workload, etc. we are able to ensure the most efficient use of the taxpayer’s money.

    Thank you for your continued interest in the Grand Rapids Fire Department. If you have read this on the website, have more questions, or would just like to talk with your Accreditation Office, please call (616)456-3108 and ask for Rob or Brad. For more information about the Accreditation Process online please visit: