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    On May 1, 2016, the City of Grand Rapids transitioned to a new financial management system, Advantage 360.  The vendor component of the system is the City of Grand Rapids Vendor Self Service (VSS) and is similar to modern sites in use by other public agencies.  This system enables an effective and efficient environment for conducting the City’s business, consistent with the City’s movement toward electronic delivery of government services, changes in the law, and providing taxpayers with the leading edge of e-procurement technology.
    All vendor’s wishing to do business with the City of Grand Rapids must be registered in the City’s Vendor Self Service System in order to receive notices of City business opportunities such as Invitations for Bid, Requests for Proposals, and Request for Quotes, as well as for financial transactions and processing, such as invoicing and payments.
    When the City’s Purchasing Department issues a solicitation, vendors with the applicable commodities for the solicitation will receive an automatic email invitation to bid.   Suppliers can submit their electronic responses for these solicitations online prior to the bid’s end date and time.
    Important: Registering and navigating in VSS works best using Internet Explorer as the web browser. Using other web browsers (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) may result in error messages while registering. It is strongly recommended that you complete the registration process using Internet Explorer.

    If you are a new vendor and would like to register to do business with the City, please go the following link:  VSS
    Vendor’s will need either a TIN or SSN to begin the registration process. 
    There is no cost to register.
    NIGP Commodity Codes are utilized to identify products or services offered by vendors.  E-mail notifications for new solicitations will be sent based on the commodity codes selected.  Vendors will need to select and verify NIGP commodity codes in their vendor profile to ensure they receive relevant notifications to the products or services the offer.
    Instructions are available on the City of Grand Rapids VSS Website in the “VSS Registration Quick Start Guide” to assist vendors with accessing the website.  The VSS Registration Quick Start Guide can be located on the VSS portal under "Access Forms."