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    City of Grand Rapids 

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    ​Important Documents

    Health Insurance Plan Handbook 1
    GREIU Retired before 4/1/2005
    All Others Retired before 9/1/2004


    Health Insurance Plan Handbook 2
    Amendment 1
    Amendment 2
    Amendment 3
    Amendment 4

         GREIU Retired on or after 4/1/2005
    All Others Retired on or after 9/1/2004

    Summary of Benefits and Coverage for Handbook 2


     Health Insurance Plan Handbook 3 
    Retired and Over Age 65



    Current Over 65 Retiree Health Insurance Monthly Rates
    Note: Your rate may be different from the rates listed


    How much are you paying for your
    Medicare supplemental insurance?

    Retirees who are still on the City's insurance after turning 65 years of age are paying over $1500 per month for health insurance.  Other retirees who elect to find a different insurance carrier may pay only a fraction of that, and some even get insurance for free after their Medicare Supplemental Trust Fund payment is applied. 
    How much is my Medicare Supplemental 
    Trust Fund Payment?
    It depends on which bargaining unit you belonged to and when you retired. 
                       *Please note that these amounts are subject to change*
    APA: $80 per month if retired after 1/1/1990

    ECO: $125 per month if retired after 1/1/1999

    FIRE: $140 per month if retired after 7/1/1989
    GREIU: $50 per month if retired after 1/1/1990

    NON-REP: $100 per month if retired after 1/1/1990

    POLICE: $130 per month if retired after 7/1/1989

    POLICE COMMAND: $160 per month if retired after       
              7/1/1989 PLUS $130 if retired after 1/1/1995
              with 20 years of service.

    ​Popular Medicare Supplemental Insurance Carriers
    Although we do not endorse any specific insurance carrier, most retirees get their Medicare supplemental insurance through one of the five carriers listed below (in alphabetical order):
    1. Blue Care Network
    2. Blue Cross Blue Shield
    3. Mutual of Omaha
    4. Priority Health
    5. United Health Care / AARP​
    616-456-3300 or email