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    Grand Rapids Urban Forestry Committee
    • Grand Rapids' urban forest is a thriving financial, environmental, and quality of life asset to the city.
    • Grand Rapids' urban forest program has broad public support.
    • Grand Rapids' Forestry Division is recognized for its proactive approach, responsiveness to citizens, expertize in addressing urban forest issues, and effective use of resources.
    Guiding Principles
    • Our urban forest represents a significant infrastructure investment that provides critical economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits.
    • We can increase the return on our investment in public trees through a proactive approach to tree maintenance.
    • Community support from individuals and organizations providing advocacy, volunteer assistance, and funding, is crucial to the success of our forestry program.
    • Since a majority of the trees in Grand Rapids are on private property, it is critical for he City to involve residents in maintaining and enhancing our urban forest.
    • Adopt a 40% urban canopy goal
    • Develop a database of information about the City's urban forest
    • Enact public policy changes to maximize incentives for tree preservation and planting
    • Provide adequate personnel and budget resources to ensure effective, proactive functioning of the Forestry Division
    • Increase public awareness and involvement as the foundation for developing broad public support for urban forest issues

                Meeting Minutes                            Agenda                                Annual Reports

               February10, 2011                          July 12, 2012                         February 3, 2011
               March 10, 2011                                                                         March 12, 2012
               April 14, 2011                                                                           April 2013​
               May 12, 2011
               June 9, 2011
               August 11, 2011
               September 8, 2011
               October 13, 2011
               November 10, 2011
               January 12, 2012
               March 8, 2012
               April 12, 2012
               May 10, 2012
               June 14, 2012