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    To Permit or Not to Permit?

    While filming in Grand Rapids, many activities will require a Film Permit for the use of City streets, sidewalks, public spaces and public parking.

    Examples include:

    • Filming taking place on Public property.
    • If traffic will be interrupted on City streets.
    • If pedestrian traffic on sidewalks will be interrupted.
    • A tri-pod or dolly is used on sidewalks or streets.
    • Wires or cables run across or over sidewalks.
    • A generator is used on a sidewalk or street.
    • If public parking will be impacted.
    • A weapon, authentic or replica, is used and/or ammunition discharged.

    *The Office of Special Events determines the need in other filming situations.

    All of the information that you need about filming in the City of Grand Rapids can be found in the City of Grand Rapids Film Permit Application, available for download. The document contains information about insurance coverage, parking barricades, police, use of public area as well as city department contacts. Also included are the necessary forms for notifying residents and/or businesses of impending filming.


    2016 Film Application