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    Q. How soon should I begin planning my event?
    A. Well organized events take 9 months to 1 year to plan. 
    Q. When should I submit an application to host an event?
    A. The Special Event Permit Application is due no later than 90 days before your event date.
    Q. Where do I find the event applications?
    A. All event applications are located under the "Applications" tab, or the tab that correlates with the event you are organizing.
    Q. Do I need to pay a deposit to submit an application?
    A. A deposit is not needed when you submit your application.
    Q. When do I pay for my event services?
    A. The costs for services for your event will be invoiced and must be paid in full prior to your event date.
    Q. How can I get involved in a Special Event or become a vendor?
    A. In order to be a part of any event, you will need to contact the event organizer directly. You can do this by going to 
        the event or organization website and looking up their personal contact information.
    Q. Where can I find information about downtown vending zones?
    A. Please visit link for information.

    Q.  Where can I park when I come downtown for an event?
    A.  Go to this link to find an interactive map showing where public parking is available.

    Q.  I want to come downtown before and event and want to find a list of restaurants and bars.
    A.  Please visit the following link to discover the variety of unique restaurants in the downtown area.

    Q.  Where can I find a list of downtown retail and services?
    A.  Please visit the following link for information.

    Q.  Where can I find information about on street parking meters?
    A.  On street parking meter information can be found here.