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      City of Grand Rapids Venues and Parks


    Within all of our applications, there is a site-map page where you will need to use a map of the location to show a layout of how your event will be set up. Below are our own special event site-map resource guides, which will give you a Google site-map and show you where water, electric, and parking restrictions for the venue/park are. You may print this resource, add your event information and attach it to your application for your site-map. If we do not have a site-map resource guide for your desired location below, you can create your own or contact the OSE for help.


    SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg   SEApp.jpg

              AH-NAB-AWEN PARK              BLUE BRIDGE               CALDER PLAZA                CANAL PARK  

       SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg

                                       GILLETT BRIDGE         ROSA PARKS CIRCLE           SIXTH ST. PARK   

      SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg    SEApp.jpg

                                     RIVERSIDE PARK             RIVERSIDE PARK           RIVERSIDE PARK