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    Recycling is an important component of the City of Grand Rapids waste reduction efforts.  It makes economic and environmental sense to recycle what is consumed...but it makes even more sense to consume less!  Here are some ways to reduce the amount of goods, products and packaging you use at home and work:

    Cut down on packaging

    • Avoid excess packaging, buy in bulk when you can and look for beverages in refillable bottles.
    • Re-use or carry your own grocery bags to the market.   Decline a grocery sack when you can carry the items by hand.

    Be an active consumer

    • Write to manufactures and tell them you'd like to see their products in returnable, recyclable or less wasteful packaging.
    • Buy goods packaged in recycled and recyclable materials.
    • Get your name off of "junk mail" lists. Send to:  Direct Marketing Association, Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008.  Include: complete name, full address, and your signature
    • Get your name off "pre-approved offers" lists (like credit card offers) Send to: Equifax Options, P.O. Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123. Include: complete name, full address, and your signature.

    Buy smart!

    • Buy products that are made to last
    • Buy reusable products such as sponges instead of paper towels and coffee mugs instead of Styrofoam cups.

    Waste Options and Alternatives

    There are some materials that are not currently collected through the curbside recycling program. We have compiled a list of recyclable materials and the participating businesses/organizations willing to let you drop them off at collection points. Please call to confirm business and/or organization hours, services, and location(s) for dropping off materials:

    Antifreeze and Motor Oil

    (Various locations in the greater Grand Rapids area. Please check in your phone book for a comprehensive list of locations.)

    • Valvoline Instant Oil Change
    • Crystal Flash Petroleum`

    Car Batteries

    • Dave's Inc.

      3640 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming (534-1142)

    • Battery Outlet, Inc.

      20 44th Street SE, Grand Rapids (530-8467)

    • A-1 Electric

      1813 Turner NW, Grand Rapids (361-0934)

    • K-Mart Auto Service Center

      3175 Alpine NW, Walker (784-7254) or 3800 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids (942-2091)

    • Interstate Batteries of Grand Rapids

      3931 Eastern SE, Grand Rapids (243-9110)

    Medical Waste

    • Please Contact Kent County at 336-2570 and 336-3695 or call the Kent County Environmental Health Department at 632-6900.

    * It is illegal to put personal medical waste into the trash. Please call to learn the proper procedures for disposal.


    If you have any questions that cannot be answered here, please call the Recycle Helpline at 456-3232.