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    snowstan.jpg (285123 bytes)When does the City remove snow?

    As it begins to accumulate. First, we concentrate on major streets, hills, hazardous intersections, and school areas. Then attention is given to residential areas.

    Why do you push snow onto the sidewalks and into the driveways?

    Our job is to keep the streets clean, therefore, if the snow volume is high enough, snow is pushed from the streets and into the sidewalks or into the driveways.

    What do you use to keep roads free of ice?

    The City uses salt (which is sprayed with liquid Calcium Chloride to make it more effective), and sometimes sand.

    What is the most common complaint?

    Why was plowed snow left in my driveway?

    What is the Odd/Even Parking all about?

    Check out the warning sticker by clicking here?

    Who do I call to have my alley, cul-de-sac or dead-end, street plowed?

    Dead-ends, alleys, and cul-de-sacs will only be plowed when City trucks are removing snow in residential areas (usually over 3 inches of accumulation).