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    City Treasurer:               John M. Globensky
    Deputy City Treasurer:   Roberta Cahill
    Phone Number:              (616) 456-3020
    Fax Number:                  (616) 456-3413
    Address:                         City of Grand Rapids Treasurer's Office  
                                           300 Monroe Ave. NW Room 220 
                                           Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2296 

    Email Address:          Click here to email the City Treasurer's Office.  

    Hours of Operation:         Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.  Closed on government holidays.

    2016 Property Tax bills will not be consolidated.  Property owners should expect to receive both a 2016 Summer and 2016 Winter property tax bill. 

       Click here for information on consolidating winter tax bills of $100 or less so amount is billed with the Summer tax bill.  Public Act 184 of 2012 allowed for consolidation in July, 2013.  This will not occur in 2016 due to a Kent County ballot proposal to collect a county wide tax for the public museum and zoo.  The ballot proposal is scheduled for the November 2016 election cycle, which if passed, the Museum/Zoo tax would be billed on the 2016 Winter tax bill.  For this reason, the City will not consolidate property tax bills.

    The City Treasurer and staff perform the following functions.

    1. Collect revenue including property taxes, parking tickets, special assessments, and other fees.
    2. Review bank balances and daily cash needs. 
    3. Decide on appropriate investment for reserve/surplus cash to meet future needs.
    4. Collect taxes on behalf of Kent County, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids Community College, Interurban Transit Partnership, Kent Intermediate School District, and other school districts.
    5. Assist citizens with questions about property taxes, parking tickets, or invoices.
    6. Enforce parking tickets that includes providing information about tickets written and the City's appeal process.